Help! I have Dry Scalp!

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Have you been experiencing dry flaky, itchy scalp lately? If you answered yes, you probably have DRY SCALP!

Dry skin and scalp (xerosis) is more prevalent in the dry winter months of the year, like now! When the weather changes, we turn on our central heaters, space heaters, fireplaces. These things dry out your skin because the humidity levels are very low at this time. 

Your skin and scalp may feel tight and you will see small dry flakes. Dry flakes are not DANDRUFF. Your hair can also look lifeless, dull, and easily break off. Dry scalp can even lead to hair loss, if this condition is left untreated.

Dandruff is also a chronic scalp condition characterized by oily-looking flakes of dead skin caused by inflammation in the body or an overgrowth of yeast like fungus. Dandruff can be caused by a number of things, sensitivity to hair products; and skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or eczema.  which is why it is hard to get rid of because the condition is coming from the inside out.  Some forms of dandruff must be treated by a medical doctor.


Pre-wash treatments for scalp

  1. Brush and massage scalp often especially before shampooing to lift away dirt and dust and distribute the natural oil from your scalp. Use a paddle brush and the balls of your fingertips.
  2. Using a light oil will help loosen the flakes up before shampooing like Angel Oil(available at LCA salon) or Olive oil.

During the week

  1. Wrapping hair every night shields hair from the dry air and helps spread your natural hair oils that your body produces for your hair and scalp.
  2. Using 5-10 drops of Angel Oil or some other type of light oil every 2-3 nights will  help keep scalp lubricated.

At your appointment:

  1. Make sure to let your stylist know you are experiencing dry scalp. Ask for an Angel oil treatment and an extra Moisturizing conditioner like vanilla bean or a keratin hair mask.

With Extensions:

If you are wearing sew-in extensions, it is important to shampoo at least every 1-2 weeks because of buildup on your scalp. It is a good idea to come in the salon because a professional can give you a deeper cleaner shampoo wash. Most faucets in your home do not have enough water pressure and do not have a hose attached to them to focus the water onto the scalp. And u  need to sit under a hooded dryer to dry the wefts and your scalp. It the weave is not properly and full dried, the scalp and wefts can give off a mildew smell and will cause further additional buildup of dirt, oil and flakes.

To help with the Dry air:

-Turn on your humidifier.

-Boil a big pot of water to put moisture back in your home nightly.

-Drink lots of water!

-Add Fish oil to your Vitamin regime daily to give your skin extra lubrication.

This post was written by Rachel Black-Johnson, Master stylist